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Aymar Jean Christian April 11, 2008 uncategorized Comments Off on Blog and Blog Title

I’m not very creative, some would say, and the title of this blog is probably proof.

“Atom culture” relates to something many smart people have pointed out: the “atomization” of culture in the digital age.

The long tail, convergence culture, infotopia, and other new media catchphrases are related, but atom culture is mostly about empowering people to realize their full potential, however that is defined. Individual power is limited — as is institutional power — but there is always the promise of equity and justice. Good things.

It describes how humans have always been. We are all atoms, carrying our own experiences and perspectives, but connecting still with others, people and things. Some travel in couples, some bind to large structures, some try to go it alone, but in the end, we all make up this thing called the world, and that’s a comforting idea: autonomy and collectivity, good things.

So this blog will explore media, new media, big ideas and small ones: all related to trying to preserve some sense of self in a diffuse and collective world.

Enjoy, my fellow atoms.

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