Tuesday 20th February 2018,

Web Video Weekly: Web/TV Taking Off, ‘It Gets Better’, Cord Cutting, Mixed News On Web/Mobile Advertising

There’s so much to read each week I find I, even with the help of various blogs and websites, can’t keep up. I’ve decided to start a weekly digest of interesting headlines and topics, both for my own use but also for industry practitioners and interested fans. This week (10/14 – 10/21):

Web Video Market:

Internet TV starts to take off; NewTeeVee starts a web series on it; AppleTV selling; Mashable Intros the Business (Fast Company; NewTeeVee; Mashable) – More iTV every day now. I guess that’s what happens when Google gets into a business. Plus: winners and losers.

Media Buying Forecasts: Flat in 2011; Digital/Social mixed, most use ad networks (AdAge): Ad market next year not looking too great for web publishers.

Lifehacker Goes Epic on Cord Cutting (Lifehacker): How to cord cut.

YouTube Growing Into TV with Leanback (NewTeeVee)

Mobile Video Ads Have Higher Click-Throughs; iPad on Top (NewTeeVee): Everyone says mobile is the next frontier. Here’s a couple reasons why.

Black Video Networks Premiering This Fall (Black Web 2.0; AfterElton): I talk to entrepreneurs starting curated video sites for showcasing independent film work by and about ethnic/black people. Parallels other developments in television. Black Web 2.0 link is general introduction. AfterElton link is about GLO TV, targeting black gay audiences.

Netflix!: Loves Streaming, Streaming-Only Option Soon; But Will It Be At the Mercy of ISPs?; Online Streams Will Surpass DVDs, and People Watch During Primetime (paidContent; NewTeeVee; Hollywood Reporter): The death of the DVD comes to a well-positioned Netflix, who nevertheless doesn’t have long to bask in its victory over Blockbuster.

Web Series:

Fine Brothers Next Catchy Idea: Kids and Viral Vids (Tubefilter): I like the Fine Brothers, having interviewed them about the web video market and some of their collaborations.

Paramount Digital Orders More Web Series (New York Times; Tubefilter): Follow-up news from last week’s update.

Next New Networks Builds Success by Linking Independents (BeetTV)

Black Box TV Humming Along (Web Series Today)

Sprint, Frequent Web Series Sponsor, Creates Its Own (Web Series Network): A natural move for Sprint.

Research and Policy:

Is Fox vs. Cablevision Retrans Spat Related to Net Neutrality?; Web Is Playing a Crucial Role (Stanford Law; New York Times): Everyone keeps talking about Fox v. Cablevision in the context of the retrans wars, but Brian Stelter does a good job of showing how the debate is really about control of content and distribution, akin to other debates about net neutrality (I went to his lecture today, and Kevin Werbach agrees).

Mobile Web Growing Like Crazy (GigaOM); FCC Worries About Mobile Web Growing Like Crazy (GigaOM): Next frontier, blah blah.

Hollywood and Tech:

‘It Gets Better’ Campaign for Gay Youth Grows, Matures, Adds Hillary Clinton; Gets a Book Deal; AND the President Jumps On Board. (New York Times, 2; The White House): There is some criticism of the ‘It Gets Better’ campaign, mostly from those on the left who say it won’t necessarily “get better” for everyone. That’s true: we won’t all get married and live like Will Truman. But two gay teens just committed suicide, like yesterday, and for years the gay youth suicide rate has been 2-4 times higher than the national average. So I think we can all agree that it mostly does get better than, you know, death. I think sometimes people who’ve been out for years forget how crazy and confusing it can be in the beginning.

FX Playing Cool With the Web. (Clicker): Yes, finding their shows is a pain.

Vevo vs. MTV (AdAge): Music videos, very much alive, become a competitive market. Who saw this coming ten years ago?

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