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Web Video Weekly: Google TV Reviews, Xfinity TV Expands, ‘LXD’ Returns, ‘Neil’ Departs, Zynga Rises

There’s so much to read each week I find I, even with the help of various blogs and websites, can’t keep up. I’ve decided to start a weekly digest of interesting headlines and topics, both for my own use but also for industry practitioners and interested fans. This week (10/21 – 10/28):

Web Video Market:

Comcast Making a Serious Play in Streaming (NewTeeVee; Broadcasting and Cable): NewTeeVee‘s take on Comcast’s Xfinity TV is the must-read article of the week. For me, XfinityTV still doesn’t have the usability and features of Netflix, nor the seamlessness of Hulu, but what it does have it HBO and a library of newer films. With more content, it could be a real player.

Mobile Advertising to Reach $24B by 2015 (ReadWriteWeb): Mobile’s big, we get one of these a week.

In Fox vs. Cablevision Wars, a Winner: Antenna Sales. (Multichannel News): I kid you not. With the weakening economy, is over-the-air not yet dead? See Comcast’s latest quarterly report for proof it’s not. Meanwhile: the losers? Fox and Cablevision, one of whom is being sued by customers.

StumbleUpon: The Web Video Pandora? (NewTeeVee).

Specific Media Acquires BBE (New York Times): Merger of web content and ad networks continues. BBE creates ads and web series, including Mom Life.

Pay-per-view now available on UStream (Web Series Network)

Web Series:

Battlestar Galactica Web Series Getting TV Treatment (Crave): SyFy in general and Battlestar specifically have done quite well with web series, so this makes sense, especially given the abysmal performance of the now-canceled Caprica — which I actually thought had improved slightly in the second half of its first season.

The LXD Returns (Televisual; Tubefilter): Follow-up news from last week’s update. Also, check out Tubefilter’s interview with the series’ ‘robot’ character, who’s been doing the Robot in films and commercials like crazy.

Legend of Neil Finishes Its Run on Atom (Tubefilter; NewTeeVee): See my interview with creator Sandeep Parikh back in July.

Showtime Continues Web Series Streak with Dexter (TVbytheNumbers)

Visible Measures and Mashable’s Top Webisode Chart (Visible Measures): Just a reminder to check this out each month! The latest was posted yesterday. Also: see my summary of the key trends from the chart.

Research and Policy:

The Increasing Importance of Physical Space (Harvard Business Review): Optimists (who champion a flatter world) and pessimists (nostalgic for physical connection) take note: where you live and work still matters.

Half of Americans Believe Traditional Media Will Be Gone in 10 Years (Harris Interactive): It’s not just pundits I guess.

Hollywood and Tech:

Rather than compete with Facebook, MySpace heads for ‘social entertainment’ (AdAge; New York Times)

Networks Blocking Google TV for Now; NewTeeVee Sums Up What’s Available (Wall Street Journal; NewTeeVee): Is content still king? Yes. Google’s relying on YouTube to get premium content: good luck! Wired says the device is good on its own, but will probably need the networks in the future.

The Value of TV, by Mark Cuban (Mark Cuban): Mark Cuban says TV is still valuable because it fits more manageably within the time constraints of the older.

Universal dives into online gaming (Hollywood Reporter): Social gaming rules the land.

Zynga worth more than Electronic Arts? (Bloomberg BusinessWeek): Social gaming rules the land.

Shows Getting Some DVR Help, Including The Event and 30 Rock (New York Times): Question is: do advertisers care yet?

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