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Black Web Series

In alphabetical order. Annotated descriptions continually added. Updated 12/1/14.

Below is a list of scripted web shows (or webisodes), starring, marketed to or produced by black and people of color.

Please send suggestions and comments — especially if you want your series listed or if there is a mistake on your listing — to my email address (aj(at)ajchristian(dot)org) or in the comments section. Some of the descriptions come from my article on this topic for The Root, which I’d like to think of as the first serious consideration of these shows. For more shows — including some Spanish language series — check out the many networks launching to curate shows: Black & Sexy TVRowdyOrbitGLO TV (black gay programming), VisionTube (independent filmmakers), BWE Network (black women), Zora TV (black women),  Chapter3 TV (black women), MyCulture TV, Plenty Pennies, WNWP, DPVN, and Q3030. The Facebook group “Black Web Series” also updates a lot faster than I can (here’s their list), and Shadow and Act curates a number of the best ones. For all of Televisual‘s articles on black programming, click here.

I’ve starred** personal favorites, popular series or ones worth checking out — though I haven’t seen every series in full, so please explore!


8 Days a Week, http://www.bet.com/shows/8-days-a-week.html**

BET’s first in-house produced web series follows a group of young people in Los Angeles trying to make it in hip hop. Based on the book series The Come Up by Lyah Beth LeFlore.

9ine, http://pic.tv/9ine**

From the website: “9INE provides a powerful spotlight on the decisions teens face when confronted with pregnancy. Viewers are directed to resources and information that take into account many diverse perspectives.”

12 Steps to Recovery (creator: Tony Clomax),http://12stepswebseries.com**

A well-shot romantic comedy about Parrish, who, dumped by his girlfriend, goes on 12 blind dates. The problem: “one friend is secretly in love with Parrish and selects “not-so-great” dates, in hopes of coming in and winning his heart in the end.”

For my interview with the creator, click here.

Afro-Arabian Nights: http://www.youtube.com/AfroArabianNights

Afro City, http://afrocitytv.com

Four fabulous women deal with life and love. For more info, see here: “Well, as an avid fan of SATC, the TV series (not so much the films… blaah), Afro City looks the closest in spirit to being on a par with SATC as anything else I’ve seen, with the added bonus that it has it’s own unabashed flair, wit, style and individuality that only an afrocentric slant could lend to it.”

All About the McKenzieshttp://www.youtube.com/allaboutthemckenzies


Almost 30http://www.youtube.com/user/CherryEntertainment

After his girlfriend dumps him, the 27 year-old Justin’s life plans are thrown.

Anacostia (creator: Anthony Anderson), http://www.anacostia-thewebseries.com**

A soap opera about the Washington, D.C. neighborhood, including issues of marital problems, violence and same-sex love. Anthony Anderson, quoted in the Examiner, says the show is a throwback to the 80s primetime soaps: “The show is escapism…It shows Anacostia in a completely different way that I don’t think people get a chance to see. People usually see ‘local teen gets shot’, but, they don’t see everyday that there are people out there working, striving and have great lives.”

Ahshe, http://www.ahshe.com

Bandwagon, http://www.youtube.com/bandwagonification

Web series about Emma’s journey to self-discovery starring Emma Caufield, and in the second season Tracie Thoms (Devil Wears Prada, Rent) and Yvette Nicole Brown (Community).


Bachelor Pad, At Our House, Our First Date, Make Me Over (creator: Frank B. Goodin, II), http://blackdimensionstv.com

Black Dimensions TV has four web series around issues of the family and dating, in such settings as the black barbershop.

Between Womenhttp://www.betweenwomentv.com

black and single

Black and Single, http://www.youtube.com/blackandsingletv**

blacktress web series

Blacktress, http://www.youtube.com/blacktresswebseries

Blind Date (creator: Melanie Hamilton), http://www.minglemediatv.com/BlindDateWebSeries.html

A woman goes on a series of bad blind dates. For more information, see this story.

Blood Brothers (creator: Von Ware), http://www.youtube.com/BloodBr0thers

Blue Belle (creator: Perry Lang): http://www.3minutepictures.com/bluebelle**

A teacher moonlights as a prostitute in this drama.

BN4Real, http://www.bn4real.tv

boomerangs web series


Moving back home, broke, is hard to do. Three students try to adapt.

Booster Club (creators: Malaku McCray and Dwayne Barnes), http://theboosterclub.wordpress.com

NBA player Rashad McCants stars as a bisexual, cross-dressing leader of a high-end shoplifting ring. Former porn star Traci Lords also stars. More at Tubefilter.

Boulevard West

Boulevard Westhttp://www.youtube.com

An Atlanta-based soap about six friends looking for love, success and happiness. Directed by Martin‘s Tommy Ford and including appearances by Demetria McKinney (House of Payne; The Rickey Smiley Show), Terri J. Vaughn (Steve Harvey Show;Meet the Browns), Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles (Steve Harvey Morning Show), Noree Victoria (The Rickey Smiley Show), Miguel Gaetan (The Game), Karon Joseph Riley (Single Ladies), Charmin Lee (Girlfriends), Grammy-nominated singer Angie Stone, and R&B artist Share Truth Hurts Watson.

B-Rock, http://www.youtube.com/user/BRockProd

An animated satire of President Obama, who morphs into a secret ghetto superhero when he doesn’t get his cigarettes.



Brett and the Cityhttp://brettandthecity.com

Brothers With No Gamehttp://www.youtube.com/BrothersWithNoGame

The Brown Betties Guide (creators: Peppur Chambers, Morenike Evans), http://www.brownbettiesguide.com

Bad relationship advice is given. Via Clutch: “Giving such horrible advice as force a relationship, call him a lot, and be happy being # 2 or #3, theBrown Betties Guide pokes fun all of the bad advice we’ve heard over the years.”


Buppies (creator: Julian Breece), http://buppies.bet.com

Buppies is a “mad-cap romp” through a day in the life of Quinci, played by Fresh Prince’s Tatyana Ali, a socialite and publicist enduring lots of drama amidst L.A.’s black upper crust. During this very bad day, she and her friends face issues of sexuality, pregnancy, dating, race, and careers and, most importantly, handle them in fabulous clothes!

Among the many web series by and about people of color released in the past couple of years, Buppies is the highest profile and most heavily marketed.

For more on Buppies, see my review and interview with Tatyana Ali.

byChance, http://www.youtube.com/byCHANCEboston


The Cabonauts (creator: Hayden Black), http://www.cabonauts.com


A makeup artist goes on a mission to stop racism from within the black community.

Celeste Bright (creator: Sonya Steele), http://celestebright.com**

Well-shot and deliberately paced, this thriller delves into a legal and financial mystery, at the center of which is investment banker Celeste Bright, whose loans  to wealthy individuals has drawn the attention of the FBI.

See my interview with Sonya Steele here.

The Celibate Nympho Chronicles, (creator: Tanjareen Chere’ Martin), http://celibatenympho.com**

A web series about a nympho who abstains from sex before she finds Mr. Right. It won a bunch of awards at LA Webfest and features such stars as Malik Yoba, Wesley Jonathan, and Tony Rock.

The Chadwick Journalshttp://www.youtube.com/user/TheDLChronicles

A prequel to here! TV’s DL Chronicles, from the creators of the show: “The Chadwick Journals is a four part web mini-series which centers on The DL Chronicle‘s narrator, Chadwick Williams, in the beginning of his research into men who lead double lives. Fueled by a hidden painful past, Chadwick interviews various men who have answered his classified ads and takes us on a deeper journey into the DL, as he tries to right his past.”

Champion Roadhttp://www.youtube.com/directorsdiary**

Via Clutch: “Written, directed and produced by R.L. Scott (Touye Pwen) and starring many familiar faces, Champion Road looks like it’ll be one of my new favorites this year. Billed as “an action drama… surrounding a middle class Black family with a positive message depicting images of strong Black Men,” this show fills a void of what’s currently lacking from network TV. Peep the pilot episode.”

Chick (creator: Kai Soremekun), http://whoischick.com**

Chick, a new web series Soremekun self-financed, airs on web series network Koldcast.tv and RowdyOrbit, a new site distributing web series by and about people of color.

In the series, the protagonist Lisa leaves her loser boyfriend to pursue loftier dreams. She hears about a secret academy that trains superheroes, and the story progresses from there. While obviously a narrative of female empowerment, Soremekun does not want to scare off men; she wanted to story to have multiple layers.

For more on Chick see my interview with creator Soremekun.


Christopher Street TV, http://www.christopherstreettv.com

Christopher Street, created by Dwight Allen O’Neal, explores black gay men as urban performers.

The Chronicles, http://www.thechroniclestv.com

Chrysalis, (creator: Nia Malika Dixon), http://facebook.com/ChrysalisSeries**

Chrysalis, whose title refers to the cocoon an insect creates before it transforms, tells the story of Jamal, a young Muslim man living in Baltimore with an infant child and a less-than-desirable career choice: drug dealing. For my interview with the creator, click here.

Chump ChangeS, http://www.youtube.com/user/asharpebgm

BlackWebSeries speculates this was the first black web series.

Confessions, http://confessions55.com

The Conversation Afterhttp://www.youtube.com/blackandsexytv

CB Poster

The Corporate Brotherhttp://corporatebrother.com

The Couple, http://www.youtube.com/blackandsexytv**

A sitcom about a couple who try to keep their relationship steady. Via: “From the creators of Black & Sexy TV (and the film A Good Day to Be Black and Sexy), The Couple takes a look the ‘idiosyncrasies of dating and living together.'”

crumbs in the bed

Crumbs in the Bed, http://crumbsinthebed.tv

A couple disagree, in bed.

The Cube Life, http://thecubelife.tvoneonline.com

TVOne tries to compete with BET (Buppies, Shop Talk) in the web series game with this Office riff (very popular in web series, for obvious reasons) about workplace petty dramas.

Cursed, http://www.angelontherise.blogspot.com


CV Nationhttp://www.youtube.com/cvnationseries

Superheroes fight crime.

dating savannah love

Dating Savannah Lovehttp://datingsavannahlove.wordpress.com

Debt Collectors, http://www.debtcollectorstheseries.com

A cop show parody about a government agency that captures and incarcerates those who fail to repay debts.

A Demon’s Destiny: The Lone Warriorhttp://lonewarriorshow.com

diary of a champion

Diary of a Championhttp://www.diaryofachampion.tv

Diary of a Single Mom, (creator: Cheryl West), http://www.pic.tv/diary-of-a-single-mom**

This Robert Townsend -produced series stars Monica Calhoun as a single mother looking to start her life over, not so glamorously. The series pulls in high profile guest stars like Billy Dee Williams and Richard Roundtree.

I wrote up a story on Townsend and Single Mom for Tubefilter here, and published a full transcript of my interview with Townsend here.

Diary of a Wedding Planner, (creator: Brandi Ford) http://www.diaryofaplanner.com

Diary of a Wedding Planner” is a scripted comedic webseries about a loveable wedding planner named Khristy who moves from a small town to Los Angeles in order to “play in the big leagues” and find love herself.

Different Dazehttp://www.youtube.com/DifferentDaze05

Dirty Laundry, http://www.myspace.com/dirtylaundrywebseries (also @RowdyOrbit)

The Diva Divorceehttp://www.facebook.com/DivaDivorcee

Dominion, http://dominionseries.com

This noir detective series starts with a mystery of shady “shimmer men.” Episodes — and lots of minisodes — available here.

Dorm Diaries, (creator: Issa Rae), http://www.issarae.com/dorm-diaries



Popular YouTube collegiate sketch comedy.


Drama Queenz, (creator: Dane Joseph), http://dramaqueenztheseries.com**

Drama Queenz, which is about three gay men trying to make it as actors and singers, is just one of several shows aimed at the underserved black gay and lesbian markets online. After the cancellation of television’s marquee gay and lesbian shows over the years—Queer As FolkThe L Word and Noah’s Arc, the only all-black show—Web producers have moved in to fill the gap.

“I didn’t want to wait around for somebody to greenlight my dream,” said Drama Queenz creator, director and writer Dane Joseph, who funds the series out of his pocket. “It’s not a show about being gay or being black. Our show is more about our travails and trying to make it.”

For more on Drama Queenz, see my post.

Dubplate Drama, http://www.youtube.com/user/DubplateDrama

A British series about the world of hip hop with lots of drama. Distributed by MTV Base and Channel 4.

Dwelling, http://watchdwelling.com**

Three people willingly share a house, but unwillingly share their lives. Written by Office alum Anthony Q. Farrell, the series won the Metacafe/Strike TV contest and will have its second season made.


An urban crime drama.


entangled with you web series


“Down-to-earth lesbian shacks up with perky straight girl in this roommate-relationship dramedy.” – Curve. Stars include Al Thompson (Lenox Avenue) and Loren Lillian (Pariah).

Everything’s Coming Up Ro’seshttp://www.youtube.com/RoettaCollins

Fail, http://failshow.com

Via Shadow and Act: “The web sitcom ‘chronicles the random misadventures of six college students who form a study group in an attempt to improve their grades, but ends up spending more time in each other’s social circles than in their books.'”

Fake It ‘Til You Make Ithttp://www.youtube.com/WatchFakeIt

The story about a former child star trying to make it again in Hollywood. Written and starring Jaleel White.

famous farrah

Famous Farrah, http://www.famousfarrah.com**

An infectious disease researcher joins the hip hop group Cake Boys.


Father’s Day, http://www.youtube.com/AlThompsonInc

Finding Me: The Serieshttp://findingmetruthblog.com

Finding My Obamahttp://www.youtube.com/myFMOtv**

The Fly Guys Present The “F” Word, http://flyguysbaby.com**

Funny web series about three musicians trying to make it.

freefall web series


A television series set in Atlanta, GA about three gay black men. For these guys, their lives are enhanced, not defined, by their sexuality. Follow them as they share a living situation that becomes complicated both in and outside of their beds.”

The Girls Bathroomhttp://chapter3.tv/girls-bathroom

The series is described as a weekly bird’s eye view of four black teenagers entering their senior year of high school. Each episode follows the conversation after assembly, as the girls get ready for the day.


Got 2B Realhttp://www.youtube.com/LaBelleOfTheBall2**

A hilarious parody show that imagines what divas say to each other.


Guidance, http://www.youtube.com/user/GuidanceSeries


Habesha Life, (creator: Ambessa Jir Berhe), http://habeshalife.com

An artistically shot web series that explores the personal and romantic lives of young Habesha.

heartbreak series


Love is never logical. Heartbreak-The Series is a webseries that takes an introspective look at the heartbreak of uber romantic Sasha McDougal.


Hello Cupid, https://www.youtube.com/blackandsexytv**

hitting rock bottom web series

Hitting Rock Bottom, http://hittingrockbottomshow.com

A docu-drama where real individuals who have survived drug and alcohol addition narrate their stories, which simultaneously dramatized.

Homo Thugshttp://www.youtube.com/bodegacatsanchez**


How Men Become DOGShttp://www.youtube.com/actingrl112

After three good men have disastrous breakups with their unappreciative girlfriends, they decide to become womanizers by enrolling in a class that teaches them how to become the “dog” women can’t seem to resist.

Howton U.http://www.howtonu.com/index.html

Human Resourceshttp://www.youtube.com/hrtheseries

Via Shadow and Act: “Human Resources is a ‘workplace comedy web series’ with a sci-fi spin, that uses puppets and voice-actors for its cast.”

hustling web series

Hustling, http://hustling.tv**

An escort, who is biracial and attracted to men and women, tries to find success and happiness in New York City.

iKill web series

iKILL, http://ikillseries.com

An inmate makes a deal with the US government for his freedom. But is he really free?


In the Deephttp://inthedeepuk.com

A diverse group of East Londoners grapple with love and life.

Issa Rae Presents, http://youtube.com/actingrl112

Creator of The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl Issa Rae produces this anthology series. The first video, above, shows how “I Hate LA Dudes” — for being too high maintenance.

Is It Me?, http://www.isitmetv.com

jackson and lewis web series

Jackson & Lewishttp://www.youtube.com/JacksonandLewis

Two contract killers bring a cameraman on their jobs.

Jay’s Life, http://thisisjayslife.com

Jenifer Lewis and Shangelahttp://www.youtube.com/JenLewisandShangela**

Actress Jenifer Lewis and RuPaul‘s Drag Race contestant Shangela are a very odd couple in this hilarious sitcom.


Johnny B. Homeless, (creator: Al Thompson) http://www.JohnnyBHomeless.tv

Johnny B Homeless explores the comic adventures of a young man who migrates from couch to couch. Conceptually inspired by Quantum Leap, each episode has Johnny B. waking up on a different couch, at times needing to remember how he got there. It took the People’s Choice award at the New York TV festival, and Kenan Thompson, of Saturday Night Live, joined to film an episode. Al Thompson, the series creator and star, also has another series, Lenox Avenue.

Keith Powell Directs a Play, http://powelltothepeople.net

From Tubefilter: “Co-written by Powell and Flynn (who also directs and features), the series begins as actor Keith Powell, playing actor ‘Keith Powell,’ meets with his agent to discuss upcoming roles. However, Powell’s agent is having trouble finding him work because, since being cast on 30 Rock, Powell is ‘difficult to work with’ and ‘fussy’ about his roles. The only work his agent can find him is in Connecticut. For a repertory theater production of Chekov’s Uncle Vanya. As its director.”


Kindred, (creators: Jessica Hartley, Maureen Aladin, Ella Turenne), http://kindredseries.com

Originally pitched to HBO and Showtime, Kindred garnered some corporate interest, but its trio of producers and actresses decided to take it online after confronting the lack of demand for black shows on television. The show follows three black women—an artist, public servant and executive—as they deal with family, particularly their mothers, relationship problems, body issues, racial identity problems and career obstacles.

“After being involved in the industry, each of us over a decade really, we were concerned about what we’ve seen on television,” co-producer and star Ella Turenne said of the need for shows about black women “supporting each other.”

“These are real lives. It’s not The Office. Real life is dealing with the good the bad and the ugly,” said Jessica Hartley, co-producer and star.

For more on Kindred, see my post.

ladies small group web series

Ladies Small Group, http://www.youtube.com/ladiessmallgroup

The Lebrons, http://www.youtube.com/user/TheLeBrons

An animated web series based on characters from James’ Nike commercials.

Left Unsaid, (creator: Nelson George), http://leftunsaidseries.com**

Per the website: “Left Unsaid begins with a woman using Facebook to invite a large group of women to her new Brooklyn apartment for Sunday brunch. Marisol, recently separated from her music executive husband, has just landed in the Fort Greene area from Manhattan and seeks out new friends in this trendy, rapidly gentrifying neighborhood.Social networking is the engine that brings this multicultural group of women together and it is a thematic link that holds together the various conversations and confrontations that happen on one long afternoon.”


Lenox Avenue, (creator Al Thompson), http://www.lenoxaveseries.com**

Al Thompson’s dramatic series follows the lives of three friends living in the “new” Harlem. Each man is at a different stage in his life romantically: one has a “friend with benefits,” a relationship he never made official; one has a longtime girlfriend he is considering proposing to; and the other is relatively uncommitted. The show’s leads are financially secure but personally maturing. Thompson grew up in Harlem. The series debuts in 2010.

Life, Love & Hollywood, http://llhtv.com

Life with Alicia, http://www.youtube.com/user/StLewisProductions


Lovers and Friends Show, http://www.insyteproductions.com/The_Lovers_%26_Friends_Show**

The Lovers and Friends Show, which has a substantial following on YouTube, focuses on a large ensemble of lesbian and bisexual women of color, most of them black. The series tries to be more than a show, aiming “to build an online community in which people can feel free to express themselves and their sexuality,” according to its Web site.

Make It Happen, http://makeithappenhollywood.com

Make Love Not Warhttp://www.makelovenotwartheseries.com

The Married Bachelorhttp://www.youtube.com/marquie007

Mars and Venushttp://purplegeko.com/portfoli

A single girl in the UK tries dating.

Matumbo Goldberg, http://www.matumbogoldberg.com

Me and My Old Man, http://www.meandmyoldman.com

Meet the Adebanjos, http://meettheadebanjos.com

Meet the Adebanjos follows a larger than life Dad struggling to instill his old fashion Nigerian values in his Black British household in Peckham South London.

Melody Set Me Free (creator: Kalup Linzy), http://www.youtube.com/kklinzy**

KK Queen works to protect her record label from her enemies while trying to hold together her family. Artist Kalup Linzy’s videos meld the conventions of soap opera, melodrama, black theater, queer camp and performance into amusing narratives. All voices by Linzy, who plays several characters alongside Wardell Milan, Sahara Davenport, Dwight Allen O’Neal, Reginald Barnes and Frank Leon Roberts.

M.E.N, http://www.youtube.com/user/MEN10THESERIES

Milk + Honey, http://www.milkandhoneyseries.com**

Via: Milk + Honey is a web series, starring Lance Gross and former FAME star, Debbie Allen, based on the story of four African-American women living and working in Hollywood, Los Angeles, as they strive for success as well as dealing with many trials and tribulations in both their professional and personal lives. Co-produced by Idris Elba.

Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, (creator: Issa Rae), http://awkwardblackgirl.com**

A really funny sitcom about, as the title suggests, an awkward, newly-single black woman.

For more information, check out my interview with the creator here.

The Misadventures of Clayton Thomas, http://www.youtube.com/ImClaytonThomas

mommy uncensored web series

Mommy Uncensored (creator: Charity Jordan), http://www.uncensoredmom.com**


Money Power & Respect, http://www.tpn1.com/webisode.html

mr/ms right web series

Mr./Ms. Righthttp://www.youtube.com/AlrightTV

Bad blind dates, starring Taryn Southern (American IdolHot4 Hill) and DeRay Davis (Jumping the Broom21 Jump Street), with guest stars Parvesh Cheena (Outsourced), Glozell Green (Glozell), Andre Meadows (Black Nerd). Created by Frank Chindamo, distributed by Robert Johnson (BET)’s Alright TV channel.

My Roomate the…, http://myroommatethe.com**

Humorous series about Lou, whose roommates are a never-ending parade of social impropriety and inconveniences.


The New Twenties (creators: Tracy Taylor, Mauriece Dwyer), http://www.new20stv.com

The New 20s is the brainchild of filmmaker Tracy Taylor and premiered recently at the New York Television Festival. The series explores the lives of a number of black professionals transitioning from the 20s to their 30s. The show tells its story in a semi-realistic way, forgoing one-liners and slapstick bits and focusing on intimate conversations.

“The most important thing about the show is that it be real and relatable and dramatic and funny,” Taylor said in an interview with Black Planet. “Who doesn’t know a single dad or someone who is still struggling to get their career off the ground after 30? I just wanted to show real grown-ups dealing with adult issues.”

The Next Day, (creator: Al Robbins), http://thenextday.blip.tv**

From Shadow and Act: “The Next Day…looks at one particular relationship between a black man and a black woman, founded on what could be considered relationship quicksand – a capricious binge of hedonism – and following that couple on to the next day… and beyond.”

no shade web series

**No Shadehttp://www.youtube.com/BluntedMuse

Noel Baptiste embarks on a journey to accept his sexuality, joined by three friends Eric, Kori and Danielle. “No Shade is a dramedy, based in NYC and follows the life of Noel Baptise a socially awkward artist from Brooklyn who’s learning to be comfortable with his sexuality and slowly embrace his new attractions. Noel navigates his journey with the help of his three young, eccentric city dreaming friends; Eric D. Stone is the promiscuous bar manager who speaks his mind, Kori Jacobs is the homeless dance teacher, and Danielle Williams is the hopeful, romantic transgender female who always seems to save the day.”

no strings please series

No Strings, Please, http://nostringsplease.com


Not By Choice, http://www.youtube.com/NotByChoiceSeries

David Choice tries to get back on his feet after losing his job.

The Numberhttp://www.youtube.com/blackandsexytv**

A series about “the one thing you never, ever discuss with your fiancé.” With a guest appearance by Awkward Black Girl creator Issa Rae.

Odessa, (creator: Al Thompson), forthcoming

Odessa follows the story of a father and daughter migrating from small town to small town, escaping a “program” which performed experiments on them. Thompson describes it as Enemy of the State meets The X-Files. The series will last for ten episodes, each about six minutes. Creator Al Thompson describes it as Enemy of the State meets The X-Files. The series will last for ten episodes, each about six minutes. Previously picked up by BET.com, it recently won big at NYTVF.

on the stoop

On the Stoop, (creator: Stephanie Parrott), http://www.stephanieparrott.com

On the Stoop, which released two episodes earlier in 2009 and will release five more, is most inspired by the ’80s show 227, but is really a throwback to many of the classic black sitcoms of that era. “It was one of my favorite shows when I was younger and as an actress, that’s the kind of comedic work I’d love to do, however, as you can see, shows such as 227Cosby Show,Amen, etc., don’t really exist for us anymore,” creator Stephanie Parrott told me. “So, I figured, why not write it myself? As my acting career progresses, I plan to do more comedic web series and bring on more talented minority actors.”

The Online Gamer, http://www.recklesstortuga.com**

A sitcom about online gamers.

00bama, (creator: Todd Berger), http://www.atom.com

Orange Juice in Bishop’s Gardenhttp://orangejuiceinbishopsgarden.com

A teen web series set in DC in the 90s. It features a lesbian couple, which has been popular with fans.

Orlando’s Joint, (creator: Terence Anthony), http://orlandosjoint.com.

Lo-fi web series Orlando’s Joint is about a young man who inherits a second-rate coffee shop .Orlando’s Joint — as in a shop, but also, you know, that other kind of joint — is a comedic series that explores running a local urban business, growing up and being not-so-rich in contemporary Los Angeles. Orlando Reed, our protagonist, is a “stoner” (something of a slacker), but he inherits an coffee shop — that isn’t Starbucks — and clearly intends to reinvigorate it with the help of two friends a few kooky characters.

For my interview with the creator, see this post.

Osiris, (creator: Donnie Leapheart), http://blip.tv/osiristheseries**

Part detective series, part supernatural thriller, the eponymous lead in Osiris resurrects roughly thirty minutes after fatal attacks. The series will run for ten episodes starting this month. Episodes can be found here.

For my interview with the creator, click here.

the out crowd web series

The Out Crowd, (creator: Liki Wright), http://theoutcrowd.tv**

Newly gay Marshall explores dating as a young black gay man.

Peanut Live 215http://www.youtube.com/PeanutLiveFrom215**

Irreverent sitcom about Peanut, a hapless North Philly player/wannabe who is always getting into trouble. Definitely not for everyone, but worth a look, if only because of its popularity.

The PuNanny Diaries, http://www.punannydiaries.com

pursuit of sexiness nicole byer sasheer zamata

Pursuit of Sexinesshttp://pursuitofsexiness.com**

Sasheer Zamata and Nicole Byer play two young New Yorkers trying to get laid.

Queen Hussy, http://www.youtube.com/user/TheQueenHussy

An aging party girl pitches a reality show based on Super 8 footage of her youth in the 1970s.

The RAshttp://www.youtube.com/kajslare

Six RAs get into hijinks.


The Real Preachers Wives, http://www.youtube.com/ComedyShaq

The Comedy Shaq Network spoofs reality TV with this series about the hijinks of preachers’ wives.


Redemption, For Colored Boyshttp://www.youtube.com/staceymfilms

Rhyme Animal, available at Koldcast

Via: “An ambitious hip-hop DJ rides the coattails of an up-and-coming rapper. One problem: the rapper might also be a cannibalistic serial killer.” Finalist at numerous web series competitions and awards, including Indie Intertube, Clicker, ITVF, NATPE, and HBO/NYILFF.


Riding Dirty with Officer Turnerhttp://www.youtube.com/ComedyShaq**

Gabrielle Union plays Officer Gaybrielle (GAY-bri-YELL) Turner, a tough cop who’s often out of order. On the Comedy Shaq Network.

Road to the Altarhttp://www.roadtothealtar.com
room 8 the series

Room 8, CBS

An unemployed business analyst and a comic book writer rent the same apartment. A spin-off of The Bold and the Beautiful.

roomie lover friends

Roomieloverfriends, http://www.youtube.com/actingrl112**

Tamiko has a complicated relationship with her tenant, Jayson. Produced by Awkward Black Girl‘s Issa Rae and Black & Sexy TV. Co-starring The LA Complex‘s Andra Fuller.


Semi-Dead, (creator: Chris Wiltz), http://www.semi-dead.com

Chris Wiltz, a young filmmaker, created this horror-comedy, spending his own money filming this buddy comedy about two roommates in living in Los Angeles after its been overrun with zombies. Each guy has a very different reaction to the event: one, Joe, “goes into survival mode,” while the other Chris, goes about his life as if nothing has happened.

For my interview with the series creator, see this post.

She Got Problems, (creator: Alison McDonald), http://www.youtube.com/alisitamcd

Alison McDonald (sister of Audra McDonald, who also cameos) stars in this comedy about being a single black woman. Via Clutch: “Instead of listening to yet another relationship expert give us faulty advice about what weshould be doing or watching a film by a man about lonely black women,  one woman is taking the matter into her own hands.”

she's out of order web series


She’s Out Of Order, http://shesoutoforder.com

Tara Moseley has been having “just one of those days” on a daily basis. She’s Out of Order finds the funny in everyday frustrations, starring Teresa Michelle Lasley as Tara Moseley, alongside a talented ensemble cast. I co-produced this series with creator and star Teresa Lasley, director Rhonney Greene and writer Derek McPhatter.


Shitty Fabulous Liveshttp://www.shittyfab.com

This series follows best friends MinDog (Amina Robinson) & Metch (Maechi Aharanwa) as they navigate single life, marriage, motherhood, acting careers, too many feelings, changing bodies, several fears and every other joyous, hellish moment life can bring.

Shop Talkhttp://shoptalk.bet.com

Malik Yoba takes his son to a barbershop, as discussions of men and manhood begin.

Single Until Proven Guiltyhttp://www.youtube.com/JoelJamesComedy

Via: “Eric [is] an author who is gun shy about love. Unlike most shows dealing with relationships, Eric isn’t doling out advice, but rather the recipient of other people’s words on love. His assistant feels bad about his single status and wants to set him up, but will it do more harm than good?”

Side Kick Girlshttp://www.youtube.com/SideKickGirlsTV

Sista Wiveshttp://sistawives.com

A comedy about a polygamist. Via website: “Jacob Jones is a a black polygamist who lives in Utah with his three wives – Sarah, Abigail, and Rachel. Jacob recently decided to look for the fourth Ms. Jacob Jones.”

sistah did what series

Sistah Did What, http://www.youtube.com/SistahDidWhat

Six of Onehttp://www.sixofone.tv


Skye’s the Limithttp://www.youtube.com/bluecentricdotcom

the slutty years web series

The Slutty Yearshttp://www.thesluttyyears.com**

Three young nerds embark on a quest to “let loose.” Created and produced by Awkward Black Girl writer Amy Aniobi, who also stars.

spicy wit

Spicy Withttp://www.spicywit.com

Students at Brown University confront postracial America.

Status Killhttp://www.statuskill.com**

A three-part action-comedy series distributed by My Damn Channel and nominated in the Clicker Awards.

 Stirred, Not Shaken, http://stirrednotshakentv.wordpress.com


While not specifically focused on “black” experiences, Stream, FEARNet’s sci-fi psychological thriller, stars one of the greatest black actresses today, Whoopi Goldberg. Goldberg’s character experiences a confusing psychological event, blurring her ideas of time and space.

Street Behaviorhttp://streetbehavior.com



Dating from a stud’s point of view.

super chill adventures of greg and vin

Super Chill, http://superchill.tv

Greg and Vin try to make it in Portland.

The Telecommutershttp://www.thetelecommuters.com


This My Showhttp://www.youtube.com/THISMYTVSHOW**

A couple bicker on this spoof reality show.


Thug Notes, http://www.youtube.com/thugnotes

Sparky Sweets, PhD explains the classics.


Urban guerrilla sketch comedy. From the website: “Tickles.tv is a new market place that celebrates this niche phenomenon, providing a platform to take unconventional risks that challenge stereotypes, stimulate intellect and celebrate urban culture.”

Touye Pwen, (creator: RL Scott), http://www.youtube.com/directorysdiary


The Tyrone Experiencehttp://www.youtube.com/thelayer006

Unwritten Ruleshttp://theunwrittenrulesseries.com**

Aasha Davis (Pariah, Friday Night Lights — terrific in both) plays a woman navigating being a black woman in the workplace.

Venice Boulevardhttp://funnyordie.com/veniceboulevard

Vexika, http://www.vexika.com

Per the website: “Vexika™ follows Victoria Bloom, an ambitious Channel 4 TV reporter who loves playing games on her console, is secretly engaged to her cameraman and is also DARPA’s only successful experimental nanoid-hybrid biological cyber-enhanced supersoldier. She must hunt down the deranged failed rejects of the project every month to feed her fatal nanoid adrenaline build up.”

walk this way

Walk This Wayhttp://www.youtube.com/alrighttv**

Michael K Williams (The WireBoardwalk Empire) stars as Pastor Daniels, who gives unconventional advice to his congregants.

Wed-Locked, (creators: Lawrence and Shay Saint-Victor), http://saint-victor.net

From the website: “Follow this newly married couple on their first hysterical year of being married.  Wed-Locked features The Guiding Light’s very own Karla Mosley and Lawrence Saint-Victor, directed by Christina Faison. ‘Getting Married Is Only The First Step.’”

Which Wayhttp://whichwayshow.com**

Vibrant, multicultural series about a group of artistic New York high school students who sing, dance and play for the dreams. Think Fame (2011).


words with girls web series

Words With Girlshttp://www.youtube.com/wordswithgirls

 The World of Cory & Sid, http://coryandsid.com

*Disclaimer: There is some folly in labelling a series “black.” Some of the shows below would take that label, some would not. What is a black web series? These are more my best guesses. Some of the shows below have only one major black lead and white side characters; some only have one but it’s a major star; and some have people of color behind the camera. In general, I’m keeping my definition as open as possible.

The Year Afterhttp://www.youtube.com/TheYearAfter1