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Gay/Lesbian Web Series

Listed alphabetically and continually updated. Annotations ongoing. Updated 12/1/14.

This is a list of original web series — most of them “scripted” — focused on gay and lesbian stories and characters. Please email suggestions of series to aj (at) ajchristian (dot) org. If you are a series creator for one of the shows in the directory and would like to be interviewed for Televisual or some of the other blogs I write for, please email as well. I owe an enormous debt to AfterEllen (thanks for linking to this blog!), and particularly Sarah Warn, who did a fantastic job of curating and promoting lesbian-oriented series. The blog Deep Dish also does a great job of finding new series. Queerty occasionally covers them as well. A bunch of sites now distribute them, including: One More LesbianAutostraddlePNT TV, ISeeGayPeople, SheWired, Tello, and Q-Roc. For all of Televisual‘s article on gay programming, click here.

Notable series, or personal favorites, are starred.** (There are great unstarred ones as well — I’m only one person!).


the 3 bits

**The 3 Bits

Three siblings — Henry, Madison and Roman — get into misadventures in New York. Henry’s story is a gay sex comedy; Roman’s a lesbian crime drama; and Madison’s a “mommy blog on crack.” Created by Max Freeman and Margaret Singer, featuring Cole Escola.


A comedy series about a divorcee, her gay friend, her gay friend’s girlfriend, and her gay friend’s ex-girlfriend living in one house. See also the show within a show LadyCops.

80 20 show


A man is 80% straight.

Acting Out

Bogie (Brennan Hillard, Dance Flick) struggles with being an out gay actor in Hollywood. On KoldCast and Blip.

The Adventures of Nat and Meg, via AfterEllen


Angry Old Man and Gay Teenage Runaway,

Via Atom: “One of them is Mad, one of them is Gay. Neither thinks the other was born that way.” With Lonny Ross (30 Rock) and Fred Melamed.

**Anyone But Me,

This popular web series explores the relationship of two teenage girls after one must move out of New York. It features a diverse cast, lush cinematography and strong story lines.

Life at sixteen is fraught and fertile for drama,” said writer Susan Miller, a veteran of The L Word and thirtysomething, who wrote the show with director Tina Cesa Ward. “Anyone But Me shines a light on identity – coming to terms with who we are as gays, African Americans, women, and citizens of the world.” Winner of Webby, Streamy and WGA awards.

For my interview with the creators, click here.

Anything Beau’s,

Ave 43,

Bad Date

**The Battery’s Down,

For musical theater fans,  a series from creator Jake Wilson about “a young actor’s struggle to make it big in the Big Apple.” Lead is straight, but should be of interest to gays. With a bevy of appearances by Allison Janney, Whoopi Goldberg, Jonathan Groff, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Matthew Morrison, Cheyenne Jackson, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, and more Broadway and Hollywood faves.


**The Better Half,

The misadventures of a couple who are trying to spice up their relationship.

**Between Women

A group of women in Altanta struggle with finding love.

**BJ Fletcher: Private Eye,

A popular Canadian detective web series now attempting to make the transition to television. “B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye is a distinctly new and unique production bringing to life strong female characters with the right balance of action, comedy, and diversity” — website.

bloomers web series


The Boys Who Brunch,




Toronto-set series about three friends searching for sex and love.

**Brooklyn is for Lovers,

A self-described “sex comedy served up in wwweb-tastic portions,” this series explores a diverse — lebisan, gay male, black and white — cast of “five loosely connected young people in Brooklyn, NY.” It partakes in the kind of hipsterburg aesthetic of The Burg, but with more sex, and Young American Bodies, but with more funny. For more information, visit Tubefilter.


A “raw, sexy, dramatic” web series about the bear community in New York City.

Cat on the Prowl,

The Cavanaughs,

The Chadwick Journals

A prequel to here! TV’s DL Chronicles, from the creators of the show: “The Chadwick Journals is a four part web mini-series which centers on The DL Chronicle‘s narrator, Chadwick Williams, in the beginning of his research into men who lead double lives. Fueled by a hidden painful past, Chadwick interviews various men who have answered his classified ads and takes us on a deeper journey into the DL, as he tries to right his past.”

Cherry Bomb,


A hilarious satire of Chloë Sevigny.

Christopher Street TV,

Christopher Street, created by Dwight Allen O’Neal, explores black gay men as urban performers.

**Chico’s Angels,

Charlie’s Angels spoof. In Drag. Hilarious.

coffee talk series

Coffee Talk,

conversations with my ex web series

Conversations with My Ex

Three ex-couples navigate relationships in New York.

Cowgirl Up,

“The webseries focuses on an exclusive Women Only dude ranch in the La Quinta desert area of Southern California. Women from all over the country leave their lives, relationships and jobs behind, to put on their cowboy boots and hats for a weekend of ranch life and friendly competition.” From the producers of 3Way, TV series South of Nowhere and Wave Babes.

Dates Like This

Dating horror stories are explored.


Drama Queenz, which is about three gay men trying to make it as actors and singers, is just one of several shows aimed at the underserved black gay and lesbian markets online. After the cancellation of television’s marquee gay and lesbian shows over the years—Queer As Folk, The L Word and Noah’s Arc, the only all-black show—Web producers have moved in to fill the gap.

“I didn’t want to wait around for somebody to greenlight my dream,” said Drama Queenz creator, director and writer Dane Joseph, who funds the series out of his pocket. “It’s not a show about being gay or being black. Our show is more about our travails and trying to make it.”

For more on Drama Queenz, see my post.


Via Popsucker: “Created by gay writer Matt Kirsch (who also plays a lead role in the show), Duder follows the lives of a group of affable young New Yorkers. Clearly drawing influences from Curb Your Enthusiasm, Duder’s neurotic tomfoolery is intensely funny and its characters are authentic and likable.” Plus AfterElton likes it!

See story on the series and my interview with creator Matthew Kirsch here.

Dumbass Filmmakers,



Kit Williamson (Hipsterhood) wrote this drama about a gay couple dealing with adultery in LA’s Silverlake. Co-starring Van Hansis (half of As The World Turns‘ famed gay couple) and Stephen Guarino (Happy Endings, Bear City).

**East Willy B (creators: Julia Grob and Yamin Segal),

Willy owns a bar catering to Latinos in a community on the verge of gentrification. His ex-girlfriend and business partner wants him to upgrade the bar to cater to the coming influx of hipsters, but Willy would rather not.

For my interview with the creators, click here.

easy abby

Easy Abby

Abby is a 30–something woman who is trying to manage her anxiety attacks while working odd jobs and seducing as many women as possible. In other words, she stays busy.

Emma Stahl,

A sleek, well-photographed action/drama about Emma Stahl, a lesbian “special agent for the European police unit EuForce,” which fights organized crime in Europe. The series is crowdfunding the expensive-looking production. In German with English subtitles.


entangled with you web series


Down-to-earth lesbian shacks up with perky straight girl in this roommate-relationship dramedy.” — Curve. Stars include Al Thompson (Lenox Avenue) and Loren Lillian (Pariah).

f to 7th web series

**F to 7th,

This spin-off to the critically acclaimed The Slope follows Ingrid as she grapples with middle-age, changing gay culture and Brooklyn dog owners.

Fagney & Gaycey,

A spoof on, obviously, Cagney & Lacey, this web series follows two effeminate cops as they patrols the city streets, comically and ineffectually. It’s really hilarious!

Far Out,

Fat Guy

Feed, via AfterEllen

Finding Me: The Series

freefall web series


A television series set in Atlanta, GA about three gay black men. For these guys, their lives are enhanced, not defined, by their sexuality. Follow them as they share a living situation that becomes complicated both in and outside of their beds.”



A sci-fi lesbian web series.

Friends and Benefits

Via Samesame: Written and produced by young filmmaker Christopher Kam, Friends and Benefits sees newly-dumped 21-year-old uni student Ben enter the spooky world of internet dating. Luckily, the handsome but naïve singleton has his three best friends, Calvin, Max and Sophie to help him through his online adventures.

**Gay’s Anatomy,

Gay’s Anatomy parodies a group of young would-be urologists straight of out med school — UTexas, Berkeley and Harvard — as they involve themselves in increasingly ridiculous and awkward sexual situations. It takes the relationship drama of Grey’s Anatomy and turns it into camp, while using The Office‘s documentary style to relay its zany humor as organically as possible. See my interview with the creators here.

Gay Nerds,

Gay Top Gun,

This riff of the Tom Cruise flick Top Gun is a comedy about a post-“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” school for gay pilots.



A humorous Barcelona-set Spanish-language soap (subtitled in nine languages) about a group of gay, lesbian and straight people dealing with personal and professional struggles. The series begins when the main character’s nephew arrives to the city for the first time only to discover his uncle is gay.

Get Out! Of the Closet!,

A mock reality show about a duo who stage “interventions” aimed at getting closeted people to accept their presumed homosexuality. Well-produced and very funny!


Girl Play

Lesbians in New Orleans deal with life and love.


A popular lesbian web series with alums from Quarterlife and The L Word following the exploits of a group of bad-girls/small time criminals.

Girl/Girl Scene,

Gregory Way TV (creator: Tom Gregory),


“This satiric series centers around a conflicted young man who joins HA (Homosexuals Anonymous), a program to help Christian men and women overcome the gay lifestyle. Bruce Vilanch and Scott Nevins co-star.” – From Deep Dish.

**Half-Share (creator: Sean Hanley),

Set in Fire Island, a recently single young man encounters a zany group of friends played by a very funny team of actors, including Alec Mapa (Ugly Betty), Jack Plotnick (Lovespring International), and Sam Pancake (Lovespring, Pretty, Will & Grace).

the hinterlands the musical web series

**The Hinterlands,

Homewrecker Houseboy,

This campy gay soap opera is a self-professed guilty pleasure. It has lots of episodes and a second season is reportedly coming soon!

**Homo Thugs

the horizon series

**The Horizon

Manhunt and ACON sponsor this Australian gay drama for so Same Same.

**Hunting Season,

The web series, based on the popular blog, The Great Cock Hunt, is based on the sexual exploits of Gawker writer in New York. Creative team includes Rose Troche (Go FishSaftety of Objects) and Jon Marcus (former Killer Films exec and producer on Party Monster).

**Husbands (creator: Jane Espenson),

 Via: “Husbands…tells the story of a high-profile, newlywed gay couple. Cheeks stars as an out actor who has married a freshly-out professional football player, played by Hemeon.” Highly recommended.

For my interview with producer Jane Espenson, click here.

hustling web series


An escort tries to move on from his profession in New York City. Guest stars and leads include Stephen Guarino (Happy EndingsBig Gay Sketch Show), Daphne Rubin-Vega (Smash) and Wilson Cruz.

I Hate Tommy Finch

I Love Dick!,

“A retro-style sitcom in the style of I Love Lucy…Dick and Mickey are a young couple just trying to make their way in 1950s Los Angeles.” – From the website.

the in-betweens web series

The In-Betweens

**In Between Men (creator: Quincy Morris),

Via press release: “The sexy new dramedy series follows four friends who are living in New York City “in between” a gay world, whose clichés they don’t relate to, and a straight world they don’t belong to.  The stories follow four successful, professional men through their wild adventures, racy storylines, the joys and pains, all underscored by the pulse of New York City.” Cast includes Michelle Clunie (Queer as Folk) and Chase Coleman (Boardwalk Empire); attracted interest from TV networks.

See my interview with the creator and first two episodes here.


In the Deep

A diverse group of East Londoners grapple with love and life.

**In Their Room (creator: Travis Mathews):

In Their Room, published on Vimeo, is a voyeuristic, erotic docu-series about a group of hairy/smooth, twinky/bearish gay men in San Francisco. While technically reality-based, the series is aesthetic enough to fit into my list.

“With In Their Room, I understood that getting into the rooms and minds of these guys was a privilege. It also objectifies them and makes them that much more vulnerable as they take clothes off while revealing intimate parts of their lives. The viewer is seeing, or seeing into, something that is usually private, it’s inherently voyeuristic,” Mathews told Televisual.

See my interview with the creator here.

**In the Loop,

A reality web series focusing on the romantic adventures and friendships of three funny, bitchy gay men.

InSight (The Seer, Rise of the Seer),,

In the Moment,

Produced by the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, In the Moment follows a diverse group of LA gays as they navigate sex and relationships, with particular attention to issues of safe sex, monogamy and HIV/AIDS.


Into Girls,

it could be worse web series

it could be worse

Misadventures in love, life and industry in New York focused on Jacob Jordan (played by creator and Smash actor Wesley Taylor). Featuring Broadway rising stars Gideon Glick, Alison Fraser, Adam Chanler-Berat.

**It Gets Betterish, (creators: Eliot Glazer and Brent Sullivan),

Satirical web series where two men in New York have various misadventures. The series lovingly spoofs the mainstreaming of urban gay culture.

For my interview with the creators, click here.

**Jack in a Box (creator: Michael Cyril Creighton),

Jack works in the ticket booth of a theater. Office-like hilarity ensues with cameos from stars like Queer as Folk’s Randy Harrison and a number of theater actors in New York. Winner of accolades from the New York Television Festival, The New York Times and Writers Guild.

Jenifer Lewis and Shangela

**Jenifer Lewis and Shangela

Jezza and the Belles

Joni and Susanna,

kam kardashian

**Kam Kardashian (creator: Ryan Logan, Fawzia Mirza,

Follows the misadventures of the forgotten, older Kardashian, Kam, their binge-drinking older sister.



A soap on YouTube network, WIGS, Kendra follows an army vet and nurse who works in the “twilight” room of a hospital, where surgery patients awake.

lado C web series

Lado C,

The Legend of Sprada

Campy drag series about Sprada, who is trying to make it in America.



A lesbian and straight guy are friends and get into hijinks.

leslieville series


lips web series


A mockumentary series — a la Spinal Tap — of the rock band, Lips.

little horribles

**Little Horribles,

Amy Rubin writes and stars in this dark sitcom about the bad decisions of a self-indulgent lesbian. Guest stars include Ilana Glazer (Broad City), Ann Carr (F to 7thLouie) and Issa Rae (Awkward Black Girl, also exec. producing).

**Lizzy the Lezzy

log jam web series

Log Jam

A comedy about gay Republicans. For more information, check out Queerty‘s coverage.

Lovers and Friends Show,

lyle web series movie


A horror series about a Brooklyn mother trying to protect her child.

margot and marie series

Margot & Marie,

**Melody Set Me Free (creator: Kalup Linzy),

Artist Kalup Linzy’s videos meld the conventions of soap opera, melodrama, black theater, queer camp and performance into amusing narratives. With cameos from artists like Wardell Milan and scholar Frank Leon Roberts.

 mugs web series film


When Kevin gets his first job, he finds himself far from his monotonous routine while making mochas amongst a bunch of outrageous odd balls. Things only continue to get wilder as he explores his sexuality, becomes mildly obsessed with his boss’s indiscretions, and starts learning how to accept himself.

my gay roommate

My Gay Roommate

Two college students, one gay and one straight, learn to coexist. Via Queerty: “Partners was a decent enough idea – a gay guy and a straight guy are bffs – rife with comedic potential, but sadly potential was all it was, as CBS quickly cancelled the freshman series. My Gay Roommate also has potential and is already less stuffy and boring than its network predecessor.”

Bộ Ba Đĩ Thõa my best gay friends web series

**My Best Gay Friends (Bộ Ba Đĩ Thõa) (creator: Dang Khoa), YouTube

A gay man kicked out of his parents house on his 20th birthday — so he will learn to be successful — comes of age in Vietnam with his gay and lesbian friends in this popular sitcom. With English subtitles.


**Neil’s Puppet Dreams, Nerdist Channel

Absolutely hilarious, irreverent comedy about Neil Patrick Harris’ dreams, with puppets.

The Newtown Girls


**Normal Gays

Tommy Do (Which Way) created this offbeat comedy about “normal gays.”

no shade web series

**No Shade,

Noel Baptiste embarks on a journey to accept his sexuality, joined by three friends Eric, Kori and Danielle. “No Shade is a dramedy, based in NYC and follows the life of Noel Baptise a socially awkward artist from Brooklyn who’s learning to be comfortable with his sexuality and slowly embrace his new attractions. Noel navigates his journey with the help of his three young, eccentric city dreaming friends; Eric D. Stone is the promiscuous bar manager who speaks his mind, Kori Jacobs is the homeless dance teacher, and Danielle Williams is the hopeful, romantic transgender female who always seems to save the day.”

NYC Glitters,

**Old Dogs, New Tricks,

Sitcom about gay men over 40. Via Deep Dish: “Old Dogs & New Tricks, which will premiere its pilot episode on July 30, explores the friendship and tribulations of four diverse and successful West Hollywood men, who have all reached that certain age defined as “middle”: Talent agent Nathan (Leon Acord); Brad (Curt Bonnem), a one-hit wonder from the late ’80s; Muscles (Jeffrey Patrick Olson), a hunky personal trainer; and Ross (David Pevsner), a former TV star.” Also starring: Doug Spearman (Noah’s Arc) and Greg Louganis.

once you leave

Once You Leave,

**Out with Dad (creator: Jason Leaver),

Per the website: “Here we have a look into the life of a teenage girl along with her single father. The two share a close relationship. Rose is coming of age, coming out of the closet, and hoping to avoid having a spotlight put on her life. Her dad, Nathan, is struggling to help. Maybe he’s even pushing her out? Exploring themes of love and orientation, Out With Dad is a tender look at growing up regardless of your age, experience, or sexuality.” Nominated for several Indie Soap Awards.

w with the creator, click here.

the out crowd web series

The Out Crowd, (creator: Liki Wright),**

Newly gay Marshall explores dating as a young black gay man.

**The Outs

Crisp, sardonic and expertly produced series about gay men and their friends in New York. Endorsed by Out, Towleroad, among others.

For my story and interview with creator Adam Goldman, click here.

**Outside the Box

Think Smash in under 10 minutes, Outside the Box is a comedy in which every episode a lispy Off Broadway theater director calls up actors to pitch bad musical ideas — adaptations of movies like Fatal Attraction and Soylent Green — and then the actors perform a song from said fake musical!

People You Know,

**Plan V,

**Pretty (creator: Steve Silverman),

Campy series about the world of beauty pageants. Deep Dish, who named it the best comedy web series of 2010, says: “This wonderful new mockumentary web series is reminiscent of director Christopher Guest’s best films, Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show – and that is high praise indeed. But instead of community theater and dog shows, writer and director Steve Silverman is poking fun at child beauty pageants with a wicked and sharp sense of humor.”

The Pride and Pretense of Eirik

Jeffery Self stars in this set of shorts he wrote about a pretentious, superficial gay man.

producing juliet web series

**Producing Juliet,

When Rebecca meets kindred spirit Juliet, a playwright struggling to get her sophomore effort produced, Rebecca’s tenuous and open relationship with her alluring yet distant actress girlfriend becomes clear.

Pro Gay Wrestling,


Via AfterEllen: “…the best thing to happen to queer Australian viewing since Lana and Sky pashed, no — wait — since Donna and Sunny! OK, maybe ever.”

**The Real Girl’s Guide to Everything Else,

Released February 2010, The Real Girl’s Guide to Everything Else focuses on a Lebanese-American political journalist who is compelled to write a Sex and the City-like chick lit book, and so goes undercover as a “shoe-obsessed, Cosmo-drinking straight girl.” With its multi-ethnic cast, “the project was kind of our answer to all the mainstream chick-lit and chick-flicks about rich white women whose main connection to each other is bonding over unavailable men and shopping,” the creators say. Episodes air weekly on Friday through February and March.

For my interview with the creators, click here.

Royal Sabotage

Via: “Lead character, Royal, is an unemployed and over indulged 20-something gay-ling who’s partying his butt off in LA with an entourage of other 20 something gay-lings….Royal Sabotage is rude and impolite and so very wrong that it captures the spirit of Patsy and Edina in a way so Absolutely Fabulous.”

**Sassy Gay Friend

This skit-turned-series follows “sassy gay friend”as he travels through time and space advising women on how to handle their lives, with a little help from MiO.




seeking the series


Seeking Simone


**Skye’s the Limit

**The Slope

An irreverent comedy about an occasionally “homophobic, superficial” lesbian couple living in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Spin the Bottle

Six friends grapple with life and love in this comedy.

Street Behavior

Steam Room Stories



Dating from a stud’s point of view.

**Submissions Only (creators: Kate Wetherhead and Andrew Keenan Bolger),

Like The Battery’s Down, Submissions Only is an expansive comedy about musical theatre, focusing on the audition process, with tons of celebrity cameos.


**The Switch, Trembling Void

Sü informs her employers she is transgender and is promptly fired. She gets home and her landlord decides to renovate. This trans-produced Vancouver-based series follows Sü as she tries to find happiness while transitioning.

That’s What She Said

An Asian-American lesbian series. Via AfterEllen: “That’s What She Said is a new web series about five friends navigating the lesbian scene in Los Angeles. Nic has just moved to the city from the Midwest. She moves in with Rae, a butch with promiscuous friend named Baby, a Casanova-type named Shin and straight bestie Leslie.”

Th3m! (creator: Tye Green),

Says AfterEllen: “Th3m is a good example of indie media – and of an independent media maker  forging a new path. The project, a TV pilot that works as a short film and as a web series, plays out a bit like something akin to less glossy, more inclusive version of The L Word or Lovers and Friends. The story of several friends (most of them African American) living, loving and working through their issues, it’s a sexy, lo-fi production that serves to introduce the world to filmmaker Tye Green.”

The Throwaways

Time Traveling Lesbian,

tough love web series

**Tough Love,

Roommates Blaire and Steven search for love while trying to keep their gay guy-straight girl friendship in tact.

**Two Jasperjohns (creator: Vincet Lopez),

Arty New York comedy about the brothers Jasperjohns (that’s their last name). Peculiar in the style of Louie or Wilfred, but with more sass and bite.

For my interview with the creator, click here.

**Unicorn Plan-It

Distributed via Autostraddle: “Three co-workers, one crazy boss and one enlightened fairy-tale-haired spiritual healer face the slings and arrows of everyday life as event planners and ladykillers and homosexuals.”

**The Variants,

A comedic take at the workings of a local comic bookstore. Says the Dallas Voice: “Neal was inspired by ‘The Guild,’ a failed TV pilot about online gamers that became a successful Web series. On ‘The Variants,’ Neal plays Richard, a gay store owner dealing with his sourpuss clerk Barry (employee Barry Fuhrman), forlorn hetero Joe (Joe Cucinotti) and aspiring actress Keli (Keli Wolf).”


Guiding Light alum Crystal Chappell, who played a lesbian on the now-canceled classic soap opera, spawned this series, very loosely inspired by her popular character on the show. “The show will feature Ms. Chappell as a single, gay career woman, and follow other fictional inhabitants of Venice Beach, in Los Angeles. Her leading lady on ‘Guiding Light,’ [Jessica] Leccia, has agreed to join the cast without pay.” For the rest of The New York Times story on the series and its origins, click here.

**The Vessel

A gay couple find a surrogate to carry their child.

vicky and lysander

**Vicky and Lysander,

Social climbers Vicky and (presumably straight) Lysander come back from St. Tropez, married.




Shy Manhattanites join a support group to help them fine love.

We Have to Stop Now,

A lesbian couple humorously work through their issues in therapy.


Weiner & Weiner,

Roommates and their kooky friends embark on hijinks throughout New York City.

whatever this is web series

**Whatever this is (creator: Adam Goldman),

From the creative team behind The Outs, Whatever this is follows Sam (Hunter Canning) and Ari (Dylan Marron), two production assistants in New York, and Lisa (Madeline Wise), Sam’s girlfriend, as they try to survive in the city.

**Where the Bears Are

words with girls web series

Words With Girls