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Latino Web Series

In alphabetical order. Annotated descriptions continually added. Updated 12/1/14

Below is a list of scripted web series (webisodes, web shows, la serie web) by, about or marketed to Latin@/Hispanic-Americans. This is a continually updated list, so please contact me if you know of any shows that should be listed — ajean (at) asc (dot) upenn (dot) edu.

There’s a bit of folly in trying to define the “Latino market” — likewise for black, gay, and other markets — though marketers spend a lot of time and money trying. What marketers call “Latinos” is really a diverse group of people from various countries (Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, Cuban, etc.), ethnicities (Chicano, etc.), regions, and political affiliations, who may or may not find the same types of programming interesting.

A few networks distribute Latino web shows, including Urbano TV, mun2RowdyOrbit, Tr3s, and Movido TV. Please check them out; they have series that I don’t have listed. Many of these series are forthcoming. For all of Televisual‘s writing on Latin@ programming, click here.

I’ve starred** personal favorites or ones worth checking out — though I haven’t seen every series in full, so please explore!


Almas Perdidas, http://almas.tr3s.com

A lo-fi horror web series from MTV Tr3s.

B Gate, http://movidotv.com


**Becoming Ricardohttp://www.youtube.com/BECOMINGRICARDOTV

An actress dresses up like a man to get more roles.

the bodega web series flama

The Bodega, http://theflama.com

Two brothers try to keep their dad’s bodega afloat.

**Chico’s Angels, http://www.chicosangels.com

Charlie’s Angels spoof. In Drag. Hilarious.

Cancun Nights, http://movidotv.com

Caribe Road, http://www.cariberoad.com

Via the website, Caribe Road “follows the fictional story of U.S. Special Forces commander, Mark Caribe, who is hell bent in starting a new life away from the military after a covert mission goes terribly wrong. But first, under the orders of the President of United States, Caribe must accept the command of a new elite combat unit called SFT1 [Special Forces Team One]. Caribe hopes this move will lead him to the terrorist who kidnapped his daughter.”

Chutes & Laddershttp://www.koldcast.tv/show/chutes-ladders

A brother and sister discover they can travel through time and embark on an adventure in search of their parents. Episodes are available on KoldCast.


**East Los Highhttp://www.hulu.com/east-los-high

Two cousins fall in love with a popular football of an inner city high school in East Los Angeles.

**East Willy B (creators: Julia Grob and Yamin Segal), http://eastwillyb.com

Willy owns a bar catering to Latinos in a community on the verge of gentrification. His ex-girlfriend and business partner wants him to upgrade the bar to cater to the coming influx of hipsters, but Willy would rather not.

The series humorously explores the complexities of gentrification: from the people within the community who accept the trend to the real estate agents who re-brand neighborhoods, all while giving audiences a big cast of crazy characters.

For my interview with the creators, click here.

El Porvenir, http://www.elporvenirlaserie.com

El Spookyhttp://www.tr3s.com/shows/spooky


SNL alum Horatio Sanz teams up with UCB for this Nacho Libre-esque comedy of a washed up wrestler fighting crime, followed by a film crew.

Failing Upwardshttp://www.failingupwardstheseries.com


A humorous Barcelona-set Spanish-language soap (subtitled in nine languages) about a group of gay, lesbian and straight people dealing with personal and professional struggles. The series begins when the main character’s nephew arrives to the city for the first time only to discover his uncle is gay.

Happy Cancer Chick, (creator: Linda Nieves-Powell),  http://www.happycancerchick.com

Life after cancer is explored.

henry web series

**Henry, (creator: Alain Alfaro), http://www.henrywebseries.com

In the aftermath of losing his job and girlfriend, Henry experiences the lows of self-discovery. In this awkwardly funny story, set in New York City, we follow him through his daily struggles of trying to be a “great guy.”

Illegal, http://coquitotv.com/id10.html

From Latin Trends: “ILLEGAL follows Sebastian (Mora), an illegal immigrant who had the dream of becoming a lawyer in America. After years of struggling to make it, he finds himself homeless and hungry, and breaking into a house one night in search of food. What he would discover the next morning is the door to a new world of hope.” Winner Audience Choice selection, New Media Film Festival.

Las Apariciohttp://msnlatino.telemundo.com

Las Tundas of the Valley, http://www.lastundasofthevalley.com

Los Americans, (creator: Dennis Leoni), http://pic.tv/losamericans

From my interview with executive producer Robert Townsend: “Los Americans is about a middle class, Latino family, and it’s about a father who looses his job in a tough economy and how they have to turn their lives around and come together.” From Dennis Leoni (Resurrection Blvd).

Lugar Heights, http://www.urbanotv.com

Karr’s Pullhttp://www.youtube.com/user/123studiospr/videos

Madres y Comadres, http://www.youtube.com/MadresyComadres

Via Tubefilter: “The setup is light, as if the producers were in on the joke that the series mocks the sappy telenovelas churned out on Univision and Telemundo. Writer-director Alberto Ferreras, known for his docu-series Habla on HBO, created the series for Kmart.”

No Kids, No Cryhttp://www.youtube.com/nokidsnocry

No Me Hallo, Univision

Off and Running (creators: Cheyann Montiel Reagan, Sara Celeste Martin), http://www.youtube.com/OffandRunningWEB

Para Matara A Un Asesino, http://rowdyorbit.com

Partners in Pretensionhttp://www.partnersinpretension.com

Pasiones Obsesionantes/Haunting Passions, http://www.youtube.com/user/playgroundschannel

From the website: “Pasiones an English language dark comedy in the style of a Mexican telenovela follows our heroine Maribel, a former nun who has found herself with child. Feeling the scorn from all of the other nuns, she leaves the convent for a new life. Befriending her new neighbor Mago, a local woman of the night and lesbian, Maribel begins to feel passions so haunting she can only find comfort in the arms of her old pal Padre Emilio. Starring Ylse creator Ruth Livier, and directed by Joe Camareno, who also directed Ylse.

Pico and Paco, http://movidotv.com

Plan V, http://www.planvlaserie.com.ar

Police Chickshttp://www.policechickstheshow.com

Postponed, Future House Pictures

Via Latina Lista: “The series, somewhat mirroring [creator Chris] Correa’s own experience, is about two college graduates with no job prospects and no home until they start squatting in an unlikely place — the campus of their college alma mater.”

reasons y im single web series

**Reasons Y I’m Singlehttp://www.reasonsy.com

Elaine Del Valle and Holie Barker present this series about single women.

Stallions de Amorhttp://stallionsdeamor.com

Campy telenovela spoof about a mysterious murder.

Student Lounge, http://movidotv.com

susana y elvira la serie

Susana y Elvirahttp://www.mimosa.com.co

Undocumented and Awkwardhttp://dreamersadrift.com

Via: “Undocumented and Awkward is a creative project ABOUT undocumented youth, BY undocumented youth, and FOR undocumented youth.”

Vidas Cruzadashttp://novelasyseries.univision.com

Whatever It Takes, http://joyasmedia.com

**Ylse, (creator: Ruth Livier), http://www.ylse.net

One of the few all-Guild series on the web (WGA, SAG, DGA), Ylse is a bilingual series about a talk show host looking to move up. Says Tubefilter: “A self-professed Ally McBeal, Ylse gives an inside look into the world of a Spanish-language talk show. Its title character is herself bilingual, jumping between English and Spanish with an ease so well-written, English-only audience members won’t even notice. Ylse is a host of gossip-style entertainment show. But an Oprah-worshiper, she yearns for more…more out of work, and out of relationships, as her vapid co-host shamelessly tries to get in her pants.”